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"Tis the Season for Science" at the Cal Academy: Live Reindeer, Indoor Snow, the Science of Seasons Show!

A couple of days ago, the California Academy of Sciences opened up our annual "Tis the Season for Science" exhibit in our main piazza courtyard.  It's a nice, science-y way to celebrate the holidays in San Francisco. We are featuring:

  • Butterfly rik at Cal AcademyA pair of live reindeer
  • Indoor snow flurries twice an hour
  • A Snowman Theater - a projection dome shaped like a giant snowman, which plays a digital show on the science of seasons
  • Mounted specimens of a polar bear, snow geese, ground squirrel, and more that illustrate one of two winter strategies—heading south or staying home
  • Festive programs including quiz shows and live music and dance performances

Oh, and there's these hilarious giant versions of various animals showing their winter strategies, including a butterfly, beetle, squirrel and more!

The "Tis the Season" show really brightens up the whole Academy.  Plus we've got our baby ostriches only until December 9! So there isn't a better time for a visit.    

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