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Rik at SF MomaI loved the techno-political installation at the SF MOMA called "Frequency and Volume" by Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.  

A fantastic antenna juts out of the 5th floor of the museum, beaming in radio signals to a 4th floor gallery.  In that darkened room, you pass before three projectors casting huge silhouettes onto one wall.  Each sillouette, depending on where you stand and how close to the wall, triggers a particular radio frequency and plays it in the room.  A crowd of people walking around creats a caucophony of sound and static that is bewildering. But three or four people's movements and corresponding sound-scape is hypnotic.

Apparently it's a statement about repression and control by the Mexican government of radio transmissions.  I found it very evocative of how the body can be a receiver, a transmitter and an amplifier of signal. 

If you are a geeky artsy person, definitely check this out at the SF MOMA.  Closes February 3!


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