My New Ride: The Buddy 170i Scooter
Buddy 170i Scooter in Front of the Cal Academy (pic)

"The Bay Lights" Debuts in San Francisco (video, pics)

Tonight was the official public launch of "The Bay Lights" art installation on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.  A monumental light display comprised of 25,000 LED lights, "The Bay Lights" was created by artist Leo Villareal.  

I happened to be coming out of dance practice at the Embarcadero YMCA a few minutes after the launch time of 9pm.  It was raining pretty steadily, but I decided to brave the muck and bike out to the Embarcadero for a better look.  Here's what I saw.

The Bay Lights from the Embarcadero

The lights were so incredibly beautiful, cascading across the entire 1.8 mile span of the bridge in a never-repeating pattern.  I couldn't get enough of it.

Rounding a curve in the bike path between Mission and Howard, I ran into a street party in full swing. Speakers were booming out electronica and dance music for the enthusiastic crowd made up of mostly bicyclists in their shiny gear and helmets.  A bonfire and heat lamps were set up to heat up the partyers.  And a little bar served wine and warm ginger tea.


I chatted with a woman named "BubbleGirl" who had a fantastic bike with LED lights all over it.  "Isn't it great," she said, gesturing at the bridge lights. "I hope it never goes away."  I couldn't agree more.

BubbleGirl's bike and the Bay Lights

I eventually decided to leave the Embarcadero and head home.  I'll never forget how beautiful the Bay Bridge was tonight, and how wonderful this city is.  I feel so fortunate to get to live here.

Bay Lights debuts
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