"Re/Genesis" Debuts Tonight!
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"Re/Genesis" Dance Show: Post-Script

Melody Mai Photography: Re/Genesis - A Freeplay & Prince on Point Production &emdash;

We did it!

After months of work, Freeplay and Prince on Point dance crews pulled off an ambitious and demanding dance show this weekend.  "Re/Genesis" was for me a very personal project that grew out of something in my own heart and has blossomed into this colorful quilt of dance pieces.  It was really only at our last performance last night that I feel like I understood and felt what "Re/Genesis" was all about, that I really experienced the intention of all of the dancers, and the emotional arc of the entire 58-minute show.  

Standing there during the final seconds of the final show on Saturday night, holding the space with sixteen other amazing dancers as the lights came down and the audience cheered, I was shaking with a complex mix of emotions -- relief that we had gotten through it, enormous pride in all of the dancers there, gratitude for all of the people who had made this moment possible, and sadness that it was over.

For those that weren't there, we will be releasing video from the show as soon as we can. (Thanks, Jim Thorpe, for making that possible!)  But honestly, I'm not sure any electronic medium can convey what it was like to be there with us in that cramped, humid, converted garage as we poured everything we had into an hour of non-stop dance.  

A million thanks to Josh our creative director and lead choregrapher, Shereen the director of Prince on Point, Rachel Freeplay's able manager, and fellow dancers Elissa, Charlie, Stacy, Kevan, Sara, Lisa, Windy, Jenn, Jenya, Tawal, Jeremy, and Rose.  You are all hella dope and sick in your own ways. We made some funky ass art this weekend!

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