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Cal Academy Teens Launch Environmental Social Media Campaign: "Put A Cap on Plastic Use"

Eco-teens at the Academy

I'm happy to share the news that yesterday a group of teens, as a result of their participation in a California Academy of Sciences program, launched a social media campaign to educate the public about plastic waste. Called "Put a Cap on Plastic Use," their campaign focuses on three social media tools:

  • An Instagram Photo Challenge for the month of May (#reduceplasticuse and #maychallenge)
  • A Facebook Page to get information and show your support
  • A YouTube Channel where they have uploaded a campaign video, a photo challenge invitation, and three upcycling craft projects

Here's their stirring call to action, that's brimming with youthful idealism and energy.


I love their daily photo challenge, which is a near perfect application of Instagram as a public engagement tool:

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Do you also enjoy a challenge? Here’s a fun photo-a-day challenge is for you! On each day of May, participants take a picture of an eco-friendly act/object for that certain day and post it on Instagram. Remember to tag #reduceplasticuse to submit your picture to win a feature on our Facebook page. 

Here's my first pic for the Day One Challenge (a pic of your favorite reusable water bottle.)

Plastics Photo Challenge Day 1

The 30 photo challenges are a smart balance of plastics-focused photos (upcycled plastic, plastic waste) and other challenges associated with appreciating the nature around you (a sunset, a picnic, etc.)

Plastics photo challenge

So clever!  And I understand that every week the teens will be selecting the best photo submitted that week to receive a special upcycled prize!

We also love the three upcycled plastic craft projects they came up with:

Really nice mix of upcycled products, and great videos explaining clearly how to make them.  

We are so proud of what our "eco-teens" came up with, in a really short amount of time.  If you like taking pictures or creating craft products, I encourage you to participate in their campaign.  It would mean the world to them, and to me.

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