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Just 2 Weeks to Support a Live Broadcast from ILHC!

Ilhc2013Thanks so much for the many contributions we've received over the past weeks to our fundraiser to support a live broadcast from the International Lindy Hop Championships. We are grateful for every donation, from $5 to $500!

The unfortunate news is that we are still far from our goal of $5,800, with a little under half of that raised so far. But the good news is that we still have two more weeks to go, more than enough time to reach and even surpass our goal!

Think of how awesome it will be to be able to tell all your friends, family, co-workers and random strangers that they can see some of the finest lindy hoppers in the land kicking butt at ILHC this August. Think of how fun it will be to watch the competitions live, along with hundreds and hundreds of others from around the world. Imagine all the other future lindy competitions and events that could be brought live to the world.

If the thought of all that excites you, please make a contribution today. And if you have already donated, or can't contribute right now, please spread the word to others.

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