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My Birthday Wish: Help Me Produce a Live Internet Dance Show This August!

Happy Birthday Ricky cake : detail

Hey, it's my birthday this Wednesday!  

Ilhc2013For this birthday, instead of a card or a present, I am asking all of my friends to support a project that is very close to my heart: “Livestreaming Lindy Hop” a live internet broadcast of an awesome dance competition that I’ll be at with (hopefully) my full video team in August.  You've read about it here before, so I won't re-explain the whole thing.

We are doing pretty good with our fundraiser for this cause, at nearly the half-way point. But it would mean the world to me if my friends on my birthday could kick in whatever they can to support this project. Even $10 would be appreciated, or just spreading the word about the campaign to your friends and networks.

To support the project , click here.

It would make me a very happy Birthday Boy, indeed!

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