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Watch the Season Finale of "SwingNation"! (video)


Check out the final of Season Two of "SwingNation," the world's only live streamed talk show on swing dance and lindy hop.  I can't believe my production team of Manu, Nicole, Frank, Jim and I have slammed out nearly 30 of these shows!?!  

We get a little giddy in this last show of the season, featuring some really cool videos and silliness. We hope you like it.

SwingNation on TVBTW, I got a Roku player from my dad for my birthday.  I realized that I can watch podcasts on my TV now, including "SwingNation."  Hey, look ma, I'm on TV!

We'll be back in September, after -- hopefully -- a successful livestream from the International Lindy Hop Championships in DC in August!  Thanks for watching.

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