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Why We Broadcast ILHC in One Picture

Watch the live broadcast of a dance competition I'm producing this weekend in DC!

2013_ILHC_Open_FinalTitle square 600I wanted you alls to know that this weekend I will be producing and co-hosting a live video broadcast of the "International Lindy Hop Championships" in Washington DC.  Starting on Friday night and finishing on Sunday night, my broadcast team will be streaming live to the internet this global dance competition for the world to see.  I'm super excited about the show and hope that you all can tune in!

It should be a lot of fun to watch, whether or not you know anything about swing dancing or lindy hop.  There will be awesome tricks, fast footwork, and furious competition.  It's like "Dancing with the Stars," but actually good.  Or "Americas Best Dance Crew," except with me instead of that guy from "Saved by the Bell."

All you need to watch is a computer (or tablet or smart phone) and a fast internet connection. Head to for the stream schedule and details.  More updated info can be found on our Facebook page as the event progresses throughout the weekend:

BTW I'm one of the producers, but I won't be on-camera the whole time.  I will likely be on during the opening segments of each broadcast day.

Check it out if you are interested. 



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