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The Cal Academy's Elizabeth Babcock on Digital Learning

I love this interview with the Cal Academy's head of public engagement and education Elizabeth Babcock on the website "Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning." Elizabeth speaks eloquently about the bigger vision of injecting digital learning into this august science institution:

Basically when I came, I had a vision of a digital learning department with several different functions. One was to help youth became great science storytellers. The second was to serve as an external lighting rod, to make sure we have a team of people whose job it is to do digital media and learning—that part allowed me to host the DML badge competition a couple of years ago. The third function is for the digital learning group to serve as internal culture change agents. I wanted a team of people highly adept at thinking about digital media and learning to serve as consultants in all our teaching and learning areas.

EBabcock_InYellow3_BigIt's great working for an institution where the higher ups really get the importance of digital media for engaging and exciting youth about science and sustainability.  I hope that my team and I can fulfill these important functions for the Academy.

Read the whole interview here.

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