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Watch List: "Been Rich All My Life" and "Carmen and Geoffrey"

Been rich all my lifeI spent Saturday night watching dance documentaries, and I can heartily recommend the two films "Been Rich All My Life" and "Carmen and Geoffrey."  As a middle-aged person who still loves to dance, I cherish these films about older folks who are still killing it on the dance floor.

If you love dance and documentaries, spend some time soon to watch both of these.


"Been Rich All My Life" tells the story of five elderly women who have reunited in their golden years to return to the stage and reprise their glory days as chorus girls in the 1930s. It's a moving and inspiring tale of dancers refusing to let their age keep them from performing. And just as important, you see the tight friendships and love they have for each other keep each other motivated to keep going on.

The film made me want to try to take up tap again!


"Geoffrey and Carmen" tells a similar story of dancers whose love for each other and for the dance keep each other inspired.  Carmen De Lavallade and her husband Geoffrey Holder for many decades have been a power couple in the dance world.  Carmen, who danced and collaborated with Alvin Ailey for many years, and Geoffrey, a dancer, choreographer, costume designer and director, have had incredibly prolific and varied dance careers, amassing and impressive body of work.

In their seventies (at the time of the 2005 film), they continue to create, perform and travel the world. It's a wonderful taie of two unique artists who have created this incredible life together. 

Now I feel like a "young" 40-something dancer, with decades of dance ahead of me!

Both films are streaming on Netflix:

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