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Slideshow-red-shiftTonight I got to see a sneak preview of the new "Dark Universe" planetarium show that is opening at the California Academy of Sciences on January 31st.  Produced by the American Museum of Natural History, in collaboration with the Cal Academy, "Dark Universe" explains in stunning visuals and animations the past, present and future of the known universe.  

"Dark Universe" is impressive for a number of reasons. But the main one is that it explains in simple terms some of the hardest astrophysics concepts there are: dark matter, dark energy, and more.  When we got to the section depicting dark matter, I gasped at how beautifully and immersively it was presented.  The same during the section explaining how from any point in the universe, all other stars and galaxies appear to be moving away from you.

The American Museum has been showing Dark Universe for a couple of months now, and it has earned a number of well-deserved glowing reviews and accolades. However, the Cal Academy version of the show will feature a new section in the middle highlighting the latest discoveries related to dark matter and dark energy, presented by our planetarium professionals.  Plus, we have the world's largest all-digital projection dome.

The "Dark Universe" show is included with the cost of admission to the Academy, so you get to enjoy our museum, aquarium, indoor rainforest, and more, along with the show.  Definitely worth checking out.


"Dark Universe" opens at the Cal Academy on January 31 and runs until October.


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