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Sharon jones village voiceThe music video "Stranger to My Happiness" kicks ass so much, not just for the music, but the story behind it.

Last summer, soul diva supreme Sharon Jones was performing in Idaho when she got an enormously painful backache. She soldiered on and finished her concert, despite the pain. Only later did she find out that this was her first sign that she had stage-two pancreatic cancer. 

Well, several painful chemo treatments later, she's beaten back the cancer. Her last treatment was on New Year's Day. She lost a few things along the way, including her beautiful hair.  Meanwhile, her new album was slated to be released, and she had a music video to produce.

Despite being still weak and looking, well, not quite the Sharon Jones that her public knew her as, Sharon decided to go ahead with shooting the music video anyway.  As she says, to inspire other people with cancer that it can be beaten and that there's no shame in fighting.  And cause she's Sharon goddam Jones.

So here she is, belting away like her old self.  Cause not even the big C can keep Miss Jones down.


You can hear a great interview with Sharon Jones about her fight with cancer on NPR.  Her new album "Give the People What They Want" comes out on January 14, 2014.  I can't wait to get my copy, and to see her when she comes to SF in March!

Oh and while I have you, her other music video for the song "Retreat" is also amazing.


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