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My 2nd Anniversary at the California Academy of Sciences!

Classic Cal Academy Logo from the 2000s and Today

rik in Cal Academy old school polo

Old Cal Academy logoLast week, I managed to score this rare polo shirt during an internal staff "yard sale" -- featuring the previous logo for the California Academy of Sciences. Actively in use at least from the late 1990s to the early aughts, the image has a certain playfullness to it, combining our interests in paleontology, marine biology and astronomy.  

But I'm glad we no longer use it. I've heard from a couple of sources that staff used to call it "Barney on a Treadmill," for obvious reasons.  

That said, it actually looks pretty good on the polo.  And several of my colleagues were envious of my find.

CAS_Logo_SquareContrast it with our current logo, which is much more stylized and abstract. While not as obvious as the old one, the current Academy logo does seem to impact a more holistic feel, with earth-tone colors implying our focus on sustainability.  It definitely has a more modern, professional tone befitting our world-class status as a scientific and research institution.

Still, T-REX!

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