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Cookies Crew (aka Keone and Mari + 30) at WODLA 2014

Keone and Mari fans (and if you aren't, you should be), check out this sick group routine featuring that duo, plus a small army of other amazing dancers called simply "Cookies." (Formerly Choreo Cookies from San Diego, I'm guessing.)  

This understandably placed first at World of Dance LA.

You can see all the elements that make Mari and Keone's dancing so entrancing and unique: how they milk tiny moments with slow movement, and then explode with intricate and very fast choreo; the playful and sexy partner work; the use of slower music that still manages to be high energy. And then multiplied across 30-some other dancers all just tearing it up.

Oh and their fake opening is a call-out to this "Happy" choreo from Keone and Mari. Also incredible.


I do wish "Cookies" had finished with an uptempo number, but that's a minor quibble about an incredible performance.  And you can't argue with first place.

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