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What would happen if you tossed together four different street dances with one infectuous electro-swing song?  You'd get this routine -- "It Don't Mean a Thing"!


I am excited to share with you this video of me and my friends performing at Wednesday Night Hop in Mountain View last week.  Dancers Shawn , Jeremy, Idalia and myself have been working on this routine for a couple of months now, and are so happy to finally get to share it with our dance community.

My goal with the piece was to showcase different street dance styles, and then see how we could celebrate both their unique characteristics and draw some lines connecting them together.  In addition, I wanted to get across the message that no matter what style you rock, we can all dance together under the same groove. I think we did a pretty great job meeting those goals.

Huge thanks to my dancers and collaborators.  The styles we repped were:

Shawn Chiao : Locking

Jeremy "J-Blaze" Harris: B-boying (breaking)

Idalia Ramos: Solo Jazz / Charleston

Rik "Rikomatic" Panganiban : House Dance

PROTIP: You can see which dance style is being performed during the video by clicking the captions in the lower right.

Other dancers who jumped in the jam were (in order): Doug and Crystal, Kevin and Gilles, and Katrina and James. You guys killed it!

Thanks to Cat's Corner SF, 9:20 Special, and Wednesday Night Hop for letting us perform for you. You are our favorite places to dance in the Bay Area!

MUSIC CREDIT:"Doo Uap Doo Uap" by the Italian electro-swing band Gabin . Purchase it on iTunes and Amazon.

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