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Dancing with sharon jones at fillmore march 2014

I'm on a dance video tear lately, I know. But this one has been waiting several months to be posted.

In March I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Sharon Jones and the Dapkings perform at the historic Fillmore in SF, along with my friends Jeremy and Kirk. It was a concert I was frankly surprised to find myself at. News broke last year that Sharon had contracted cancer and was battling it with chemo. I had feared the worst and wondered if her 2013 Davies Symphony Hall concert was the last time I was going to see her. 

I should not have been worried.

Sharon Jones has come back stronger than ever, with an incredible new album and an aggressive world touring schedule.  As someone who has been seeing Sharon perform for a decade, this was one of her strongest performances I've ever seen.  She bounced around the stage, danced, seduced, preached, and raised the roof for two solid hours. I really don't even get how she -- a 56-year young woman -- does it.

And as has become our routine, whenever Sharon is in town, I'm there to see her in the front row, and she calls me onstage to dance.  It was, as always, an incredible and terrifying experience. 


That's my buddy Jeremy losing his mind watching this happen and recording it on his phone.  Thanks so much, Jeremy!

BTW here's the first footage of me dancing with Sharon in 2008 in Central Park, which I recently recovered after being deleted from my older video host.


Good times!

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