Yehoodi's 8-bit Gamer Take on the 2014 International Lindy Hop Championships
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Watch the International Lindy Hop Championships with Me This Weekend!

ILHC_LogoThis weekend I'm going to be in DC for my favorite dance event of the year, the International Lindy Hop Championships.  I'm inviting you to watch along with me the live broadcast of this global dance competition that I'm helping to produce along with some friends.

Whether you know anything about lindy hop (swing dancing) or not, I think you'll enjoy the artistry, the dope moves, and the sheer joy that these dancers from around the world bring to the dance floor.  I never fail to be entertained and inspired by what I witness.

And you can watch it all (or most of it) with me , starting on Friday at 8pm ET and ending late at night on Sunday at .

There are many divisions that might be confusing to you, but let me recommend a few that are favorites that I think you'll enjoy:

  • SHOWCASE: Friday, 10pm . This division is where you will see the most powerful displays of tricks, aerials, and drops by the best lindy hoppers in the land.
  • SOLO JAZZ / CHARLESTON:  Friday, 12:55am. Lindy hop is not just a partner dance! See individuals throw down with their best jazz and charleston moves.  B-boys, house dancers and free stylers might find some dope moves to steal for your next cypher.
  • CLASSIC (PRO): Saturday, 10pm. This division features couples performing some of the most entertaining, humorous and narrative pieces for the judges and the audience.
  • TEAMS DIVISION: Sunday, 3pm: Epic displays of ill dancing by groups of 5 or more dancers.  
  • JUNIORS DIVISION: Sunday, 5:30pm. Kid swing dancing their hearts out.  Nuff said.

Of course, all the other divisions are fun to watch as well.  We'll have expert commentators (and me) on hand to provide context and info for the viewers.

Feel free to ping me if you have questions in the chat or on Facebook.  It would make my heart sing to know that my friends and family are watching along with me, after my team and I put so much hard work into the broadcast.

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