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Sock1My friend and veteran math teacher Cindy posted to her blog "100 Handwritten Notes" this brilliant, face-palming interchange between her and a clothing business called BlueQ.


  • Cindy writes ranty, but erudite email to company for selling a females-only sock with a message about hating math.
  • Company owner replies dismissively, and accidently includes internal email from another employee calling her an insulting word.
  • Cindy replies with some helpful advice on how to respond to potential customer feedback.
  • Owner replies with even more insulting message.

Read THE WHOLE DAMN THING. It's the best sexist trainwreck I've read in awhile.

Now a couple of thoughts. Could Cindy have chosen a less argumentative, shrill tone in her initial message to the company? Perhaps. She was definitely going in picking a fight.

That said, should the company have had a more measured response to this angry potential customer? ABSOLUTELY. Anyone who has been on the internet for more than a few minutes knows that stuff like this comes back to bite companies on an hourly basis.  There's no up-side to belittling and rising to the bait of an angry customer rant.

And lastly, I agree with Cindy, beyond the really stupid message, those are some fugly socks.

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