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Happy 11th Birthday, Rikomatic.com!


My blog Rikomatic.com turns eleven years old tomorrow! 

The site has gone through lots of changes and revisions over the years. It actually started out as an experiment using the Plone web development platform and has morphed over the years into the stunning site you see today. 

For the first few years, rikomatic.com was where I mostly wrote about work-related stuff, back when I was consulting for non-governmental organizations at the United Nations. The first post on November 4, 2004 is actually a banal report on a meeting I went to in Syracuse, New York on internet governance. 

There is this one quote from that post that is interesting, eleven years later:

At any rate, these are interesting times we live in. Perhaps in 20 years the idea of flying to Berlin for a two-day meeting will seem quaint and inefficient, when you could participate as effectively from wherever you are wired. But for now, where your feet are still matters.

Hey, it's 2015 and we are still jetting off to conferences rather than Skyping in. It's still kind of a pain to have a remote speaker, or a remote participant at your conference. Telepresence robots are just starting to become a thing, but more as a novelty than a real solution to travel. But who knows what the world will be like by 2024?

It's interesting to see what I was passionate about back in those days:

Some of those early posts read like a totally different person than I am today. And others remind me that the things I love haven't changed that much (gadgets, scifi, dancing). I think I've become a better writer and a lot better at using social media since those early years. Keeping this blog going has certainly been a large part of my personal development pathway, not just chronicling it, but also shaping it.

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