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Rocking My New Chloe Hong Suit

Personalized label

Chloe Hong is a Korean fashion designer who has been creating fantastic suits, pants, skirts and more for lindy hoppers from all over the world. At international competitions, fancy swing balls, and other high profile events, you see folks sporting these fantastic, vintage-inspired duds hand-tailored by Chloe Hong. 

Last August, I finally had the opportunity to catch Chloe at ILHC and order a bespoke suit from her. Chloe was super helpful in helping me pick out a suit, the fabric, individualized details and features. And then... the wait.

After an anxious four months, the suit finally arrived! I'm so pleased with how it fits and looks on me.

Full suit

Full suit buttoned

Full suit unbottoned

Full suit unbuttoned

Just vest

Just the vest and pants

Baby freeze

Testing out the dance-ability of the suit

Vest detail

Vest detail

Collar detail

Collar detail



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