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City Dance Spring 2016 Showcase Performers: King Charles, Doc Lock, Ian Eastwood, and More!


I had great time at the City Dance Spring 2016 Showcase last night at the Palace of Fine Arts. I saw some of my favorites dancers on stage, live for the first time, and got turned on to some new dancers I had never seen before. So of course, I fell into a YouTube hole to check out more of the work by some of the performers from the showcase. I'm sure I wasn't the only one in the audience.

If you were there, or even if you weren't, here's some dope dance videos by some of the featured performers from last night. Enjoy!

King Charles

I gotta give it up to King Charles, one of the masters of Chicago Footwork and a sick house and hip-hop dancer. I had to share both of these videos featuring King Charles, one a more professional production and the other a recent freestyle.

C2C - Happy Feat. Derek Martin (official video) from On And On Records on Vimeo.


Ian Eastwood


There's a lot to choose from by this internationally known hip-hop dancer and choreographer Ian Eastwood. I like the production values on this piece, although it's a little old.


Boogie Frantick


Boogie Frantick of the Mighty Zulu Kings is a special effect all on his own. His slow motion, waving, and hits are just unbelievable. Here's a great showcase of his talent by Vincanity.


Dennis Infante

Local dancer Dennis Infante is doing awesome work keeping alive 90s hip-hop styles and moves. Here's video of an older choreo of his that just makes me smile.




SlimBoogie does some next level popping, combining great flow, musicality and dope lines in his dancing. Here he is doing a demo for R16 in Korea recently.


Doc Lock

Doc Lock is one of the Bay Area OGs who is just a treasure. He represents the foundation of popping and locking and continues to showcase these styles all over the place. We are so lucky to have him.

Check out this KQED profile of Doc Lock and other OG dancers from the Bay.


 Larkin Poynton 


Larkin blew me away with his contemporary movement last night. His floorwork and fluidity is just beautiful to watch. Here's a piece he choreographed called "Work."


Live True Dance Free Project

The closing piece from the Spring Showcase was a 25 minute tribute to house dance legend Marjory Smarth, who passed away a couple of years ago. Here's another dance tribute to Marjory from last year that I participated in featuring many of the same performers from this year.


Whew, that was a lot of dance amazingness!

 Any other performers from the City Dance showcase that stood out for you? Or favorite videos by the performers above? Feel free to share those with me in the comments.  


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