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How to Make an Andytown "Snowy Plover" at Home

Snowy plover from Andytown Coffee

I decided today that I wanted a "Snowy Plover," the tasty coffee beverage that they concoct at Andytown Coffee in the Outer Sunset. The Snowy Plover is a fizzy, creamy, slightly sweet coffee beverage composed of sparkling water, a double-shot of espresso, a little brown sugar syrup, and some whipped cream on top. Very delicious and refreshing on a sunny San Francisco day!

I didn't feel like biking all the way over there and standing in the typical long line at Andytown. So I made my own bootleg version. Here's how I did it.


  • An Aeropress coffee maker
  • Coffee grinder
  • Large glass
  • Small coffee cup
  • Tea kettle

Snowy plower ingredients


  • Espresso or medium to medium-dark roast beans
  • Seltzer / sparkling water
  • Half-and-half
  • 1 tsp of brown sugar
  • Ice cubes


  1. Bring half a cup of water to a boil in the kettle
  2. Grind enough espresso beans for a double shot (I use two scoops from the Aeropress measuring spoon)
  3. Pour ground coffee into your Aeropress
  4. Pour into the Aeropress just enough boiling water to saturate the coffee grinds (I pour to just shy of the 2 line using the inverted method
  5. Set timer for 2 minutes
  6. Give coffee 10 slow stirs with the Aeropress stirrer or a long spoon
  7. Put a teaspoon of brown sugar into the coffee cup
  8. When the 2 minutes are up, plunge the coffee into the cup. Give it a good stir. 
  9. Meanwhile, put 4-5 ice cubes into your glass. Pour in sparkling water till its about two-thirds full.
  10. Pour coffee into glass and stir.
  11. Stir in about 2 tablespoons of half-and-half.

 That's it! Mine was fizzy, creamy, and just a little sweet. Adjust the proportions of sugar and cream to your liking.

Now I can have a Snowy Plover anytime, at a fraction of the cost, just the way I like it, without waiting in line. Give it a try and tell me how yours comes out!

Homemade snowy plover


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