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Boba fett lego

Apparently I'm not too old for Lego.

For my birthday, my buddy Micah got me a sweet Lego "buildable figure," Jango Fett from Star Wars. I haven't played with Lego for an age, so was looking forward to seeing what modern Lego sets are like. 

This set was for labeled 7-12 year olds, so I think I am just qualified to build it. It has 32 pages of instructions, which seemed like a lot for one figure. There are lots of detailed sections to assemble, I found out!

Assembling it didn't take long. I did mess up one part and had to take apart and rebuild part of Jango to get his jet pack to fit on properly. Otherwise, I enjoyed building him and seeing all the parts come together. It's a weird sense of satisfaction, since you are just following the step-by-step instructions. But I still felt a little swell of pride when it all came together at the end.

It's a pretty cool looking action figure.

Lego boba fett

It's got many points of articulation for whatever action pose you want to put Jango in.

Lego boba fett (1)

"Say 'WHAT' again! I dare you!"

Lego boba fett %22Say WHAT again!%22

It even has a rocket on his back that you can "launch," which is a nice detail.

Lego boba fett back detail

Jango Fett was fun to assemble and pose. Lego really knows how to create an engaging building experience, which I suppose I should not be surprised by. There's something kinesthetically pleasing about clicking together the different pieces and feeling the build come together piece by piece. 

And now I have to admit, I really want Lego General Grievous. Uh oh.

Lego boba fett detail



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