I Climbed a Wall Today. It was Awesome.
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Climb On! Fun Morning Climb at Planet Granite

Planet granite in AM

Yesterday morning I got up mad early to get to Planet Granite for my second rock climbing experience. Being there at 7am is so different from going in the evening. The place is nearly empty, the morning light streams in through the giant windows, calm music is playing. So much nicer for a newbie like me.

I tackled some harder challenges today on my second day. I started with a 5.10a and beasted it to the top with hardly a pause. My climbing partners said I was ready to level up. Then I did this 5.10b. 

Felt really good!

I finished the workout tackling my first tall wall, at least three stories up, also a 5.10b in difficulty.

I couldn't just power my way to the top of this one. I had to conserve my energy, particularly my arm strength. I made it about 2/3rds of the way up before falling, which I'm proud of. I felt the stress building in my arms and legs, so this time rested and gathered my energy before tackling the final few feet. I fell a couple more times, but made it to the top!

Made it to the top!

Pretty satisfying, and a neat way to start the day. Very different than doing a morning run, since it involves very different muscle groups as well an engaged mind to solve problems. I could see making this a habit.

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