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"All City Breakers" Mini Figures Set: A Rainbow of B-boys and B-girls!

Rainbow of b-boys and b-girls 1

Just in time for Pride Month, I finally got around to shooting pics of the multi-color breakers mini figures I've had for awhile. Part of the "All City Breakers" set put out by Kid Robot in 2011, they show off classic b-boy moves from back in the day. 

There are eight different poses in four colors, so 32 different combinations. Here's all of the poses.

All poses together

They are all great, but I'm partial to the one popper in the set!

Pink popper

I managed to snag at a thrift store the display box, which looks like a classic boombox from the 80s! 

Orange b-girl

More pics.

All figures 2

This one of them in a bowl just makes me happy.


Bowl of breakers

Even more pics over at my Flickr set.

It looks like you can still score these at online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

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