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I've been doing pretty great at meeting personal health and diet goals lately. But I have been getting a little bored with my food options, particularly mid-day snacks. Typically I've been eating mixed nuts, a carrot with nut butter, or dark chocolate. All good things, but the body craves variety or it gets bored. Boredom leads to slacking off and bingeing, which is... sub-optimal.

So I was so excited to find out that pork rinds (or chicharonnes) are actually no-carb and thus an acceptable snack food (in moderation.) I LOVE pork rinds. Super crispy, salty, and savory. It's a snack I grew up with, like many Filipino youth, typically eaten with a spicy vinegar dipping sauce.

Pork rinds

I'm excited to experiment with using pork rinds as breading for baked chicken!

Another awesome, protein-packed, low-carb treat is chia seed pudding. I've made a batch with coconut milk that is really tasty, even with no added sugar or fruit. It's got a ton of protein, dietary fiber and nutrients, has a pleasant nutty flavor, and subs in well for yogurt or ice-cream. I'm going to try to make it with almond milk next!

Here's a neat cheat sheet of many other ketogenic, low carb foods and snacks that I found helpful.

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