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Yesterday evening I happily kicked in a couple hundred bucks for the crowdfunding campaign "Big Band Revival: Jimmie Lunceford Transcription." Cause what else is money for except to bring beautiful things into the world, like awesome swing music?

This is the second time that Michael Gamble and his crew have rallied jazz nerds and swing dance lovers around a beloved bandleader. Last summer, they led an enormously successful fundraiser to support the transcription of legendary Savoy Ballroom bandleader Chick Webb.

They are hoping to do it again for Cotton Club bandleader Jimmie Lunceford. Here's how organizer Michael Gamble describes the project.

As you can see on the fundraiser page, you can support at any level. But at the higher levels, you can actually fund the transcription of a particular song. As a dancer, being able to make possible a favorite song being made available to bands around the world as sheet music is incredibly exciting. Last year, I missed my chance to fund a favorite Chick Webb song. It wasn't going to happen again this year.

I went through the list and picked out a favorite. Then I set an alarm on all my devices and pulled up the crowdfunding page as soon as it was available yesterday evening. And I got it! I funded the transcription of "Lunceford Special" which you can hear below.

So sweet!

Speaking of sweet, here are some other Lunceford songs beloved by lindy hoppers that will be transcribed, assuming this fundraiser is successful.

"Ain't She Sweet" 

"For Dancers Only."


"My Blue Heaven" 

And there are so many others!

To support the campaign, head to their Indiegogo page. But don't slack if you want to support a particular song! They are going fast. 

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