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Watch the Shimmy Shakers (and FOUR other Bay Area Teams) at Camp Hollywood XX!

Shimmy shakers camp hollywood

Here's my solo jazz team the Shimmy Shakers doing our thing at Camp Hollywood XX last weekend.

I could not be more proud of the work that my team presented. I'm so fortunate I got to work with these fine folks and share what we created in Los Angeles and DC.

I'm also super proud of my friends from the Bay Area who brought two other solo jazz teams and two lindy teams to Camp Hollywood and all just killed it. I'm so proud of my city for stepping up this year in a big way on the national lindy hop scene.  Check out their sweet pieces below.

The Bay Area Mighty Five

The Someday Sweethearts

The Bayside Jam

The Shimmytown Shakers

Congrats to the Shimmytown Shakers for taking second place in the Student Teams Division! Well deserved.

And although they are not technically part of the Bay Area, I'm equally proud of the incredible work that our friends in Sacramento did at Camp Hollywood. Check out this sick routine by the Midtown Stompers.


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