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Getting Tired of This Paleo Diet!


Okay, not really. I'm actually far from tired of eating paleo / low-carb. I enjoy my simple diet rules and look forward to my meals.

But I am getting physically tired while following my paleo diet. I have been noticing lately a mid-afternoon energy drop that is not optimal during the workday. Today I could barely keep my eyes open after 2pm, despite having a cup of decaf and not eating a heavy meal during lunch. It was super annoying.

I'm doing a little research and think I might be deficient in some key nutrients that I need to pay better attention to.

Possible culprits:

  • Not enough calories in general.  I tend to eat a couple of eggs in the morning with a dollop of beans and some spinach. Lunch is typically a salad with a small bit of protein. That might not be enough calories to give me enough energy to push through the day.
  • Not enough carbs. It's possible that I need more carbs than I'm consuming, which is very little. 
  • Not enough fat. I may need to boost my fat intake, either through eating more fatty meats or adding an avocado to my regular meal. Both great options.

For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be adding more protein to my meals -- particularly lunch and breakfast -- and see if that effects my energy later in the day. If that doesn't help, I'll try adjusting my carb intake.

Wish me luck! 

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