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I saw these adorable looking sausage-y things in a Korean market on Fillmore and had to try them. I love fish cake. I like things in sausage form. Could be delish! Look at how happy those kids look!

Fish cake box

According to BuyKorea.org, this "fish sausage brand" from ChunHaJangSa "carries the history of Korea’s premium fish sausages. It is an overwhelmingly top market share product." That's quite an endorsement!

This what the individual sausages look like coming out of the box. 

Fish cake snack

It's kind of fun to unpeel them, although the color is not particularly appetizing to me.

Fish tube

And the taste? Well, they aren't offensive. They are mildly fishy, with no really dominant flavors or spices. I wanted to like them more, but alas they are just kind of boring. I imagine these are something that harried Korean parents throw in the backpacks of their kids before rushing them off to school in the morning, hoping they eat something at least a little bit healthy. 

Not sure I would buy these again. There was a crab version in the store that I might want to try though! Mmm crab sausage.

Available wherever weird Korean snacks are sold near you.

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