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Stretch suit high kick test

So in late June, I started seeing social media ads and videos for "The Stretch Suit," billed as "the world's most comfortable suit." Supposedly designed to look good while doing all sorts of extreme activities, it seemed ambitious and kind of cool.

Nice ad, but this was just a crowdfunding campaign, so who knew if the final product would be any good? On the other hand, they were offering the suit for the first batch of backers for 50% off the planned 400 GBP rate. Under $200 for a made-to-order suit that I could dance in? Sounded like a chance worth taking.

So I sent of my money and my measurements and hoped it would go well.

The suit arrived last week. Here's what it looks like. 

Stretch suit formal

I have to admit, on first fitting, I was not super excited about it. The legs were hemmed way too high, and the sleeves felt a bit too long. While definitely stretchy, I wasn't sure I would call it "the world's most comfortable." 

I managed to get another inch from the legs by letting out the hem, which made them fit better. And the sleeves I think I can live with. So time to field test the suit!

Here's me doing a jumping spin kick, in slomo. 

The pants definitely feel light and well constructed, with the crotch stretchy and reinforced enough that I can do kicks and sweeps without any fear that something was going to tear. 

Now time to dance in the suit. I decided to make a dance video to one of my favorite house songs, "What A Difference Your Love Makes" by Basement Jaxx. Here's how it went. 

The suit performed pretty well. The jacket, as expected, bunches up at the shoulders when your arms go above your head. But there's no danger of the armpit or back seams tearing even while doing sweeping motions like the waacking I'm doing. I felt comfortable moving in the suit, like I was wearing sweats or yoga pants. 

I also went out lindy hopping in the suit last week. Dancing in it for a couple of hours with a partner felt great, even with the jacket on. 

So far, I am pleased with the suit and can recommend it to anyone looking for a bespoke suit to dance in. I do advise that you go to a real tailor or the equivalent to get accurate suit measurements. 

Head to The Stretch Suit website for more info and to see the different products they offer. Not a paid or compensated endorsement.

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