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Body shot october 2017

It's been awhile since I've done a general health check-in here. Overall, things are going really great. I'm feeling fit, eating smart, and keeping active. 

I spent a lot of the Summer training for a couple of dance competitions I was in. I recorded some of my lowest weight since I started tracking them a few years ago, at around 132 pounds. 

In the Fall, I relaxed a bit on my diet restrictions, allowing myself more carbs during the week, but still abstaining from most sugars including fruit. Sweet potatoes are my new favorite food! I also started eating more, particular more protein, in order to counteract some fatigue I began experiencing in the afternoons. It's been working -- I haven't experienced significant midday slumps in several weeks now!

My exercise regime has also shifted, with my new hobby rock climbing. I try and climbing three times a week, which cuts into both my normal running and dancing "workouts." Climbing is much more of a full-body workout, but it isn't as cardio intensive. So I'm seeing general strength gains and increases in muscle mass, particularly in my upper body, but not expending more calories compared to other exercises.

So, combining all of that increasing food consumption and shifting exercise, I'm seeing a bit of a weight gain, tipping out at 137 this week. Still well within a healthy BMI range at 22.8. But interesting to note.

Next up for me is revisiting my cheat days, which have perhaps gotten a little out of hand lately. I think I ate thousands more calories than I should have last Sunday, and wasted it on dumb things like potato chips and Safeway cookies. I'm thinking of focusing on just a couple of cheat meals, with some moderate snacking thrown in, instead of the full-on sugary bacchanals that I've been subjecting my body to. Honestly, it's just kind of gross how much junk I can eat.

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