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I've been bouldering pretty consistently for the past couple of months at Planet Granite, which has been a lot of fun and a very different kind of workout for me. I really enjoy working on a particular route, figuring out specific problems, falling a lot, and then eventually finding the solve. So satisfying.

I vary between V1s and V3s currently. I'm overall a lot stronger, particularly in my arms and finger grip. My feet aren't that great yet. And I REALLY don't like "frog lips" holds like these:

Frog lips holds

Comparing technique, I'm overall getting better and more confident. Here's me from a couple of months ago struggling through a V1.


And here's me from today, getting up a V1 much quicker.

Here's one of my favorite V2's that has these fun squarish holds.

Typically, it can take me between 3-4 visits before a beat a particular route. So maybe a week's worth of effort. Meanwhile I'm watching videos like this one, that show expert climbers spending literally years and years to beat particular routes. Such incredible dedication.

Don't know how long I'm going to keep this up. But for now, it's a neat alternative to my other activities.

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