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Why I Need Lindy Hop

Central Park Swings 0908 - voon and veronica laughing

Voon and Veronica at Central Park Swings, 2008

Every once in awhile I feel guilty about all the time and energy I spend on dancing, when I could be out fighting injustice, building homes for the poor or lobbying Congress more. And then I finish a kick-ass dance weekend and head off to my job on Monday morning feeling inspiring and happy, and it all comes back to me why.

I wrote this after a challenge from Fog City Stomp last weekend to "share what makes this community special" to you. Maybe it will speak to your condition:

In these times of senseless violence, incredible injustices in our country, and terrifying global challenges, we need places of safety, community, and simple joys even more. 
Good music, shared movement, friendly competition, exuberant showcases of talent, knowledge sharing -- those are all important and valid expressions of community. Lindy hop has all of those things and more. It has humans of all ages, races, gender identities and sexual orientations sharing precious musical moments with each other, one dance at a time. 
Feeling fearful, panicky, and anxious does not get us out of the messes that we've made. It's acting out of love, passion, and inspiration. Lindy hop gives me all of that in abundance. It helps me go back out into the world and be a better human after the dance has ended. I hope that it does that for you as well.


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