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My 2017 Year in Review: Pies, Dancing, Safaris, Pastries, and More Dancing!

Clouds erupt from Mt Sutro

Clouds erupting from Mt. Sutro. OMG THAT SKY!

Okay I am WAY late to this, but I felt compelled to throw something together tonight. Here's my 2017 year in review.

Quick 2017 Stats

  • Freestyle Dance Videos Shot: 7
  • Number of Marches and Protests: 3
  • Number of Pies Baked: 5
  • New Hobbies Acquired: 1 (rock climbing)
  • Dance Competitions Entered: 5
  • Countries Visited: 1 (South Africa)
  • Theme Parks Visited: 1
  • Conference Presentations Delivered: 3
  • Kouign Amman Consumed: NOT ENOUGH

And now on to the highlights...

Best Trip: South Africa!

Rik with elephant on safari

More about the South Africa trip: Johannesburg, dancing in Capetown, and on safari

Runner Up: Disneyland for Dapper Days

Rik and kristin dip

More about the Disneyland trip.

Dance Highlight: Competing with the Shimmy Shakers at ILHC and CH

Shimmy shakers camp hollywood

More about the Shimmy Shakers at ILHC and Camp Hollywood.

Runner Up: Shooting Freestyle Videos in SF

Dancing at 16th ave tile steps

Beach dancing

My most produced dance video shoot

Best Pastry Outing: Birthday Pastry Tour

Birthday pastry run

B pattiserie- chocolate kouign amman  sugar brioche  chocolate babka

Runner Up: Kouign Amman Tour 2017

At b patisserie

Matcha latte and kouign amman

More about the 2017 kouign amman tour.

Best Meal - A TIE! Chicken for Two at Zuni Cafe and La Tête in Cape Town

Rik and chicken for two and zuni cafe

The incomparable "chicken for two" at Zuni Cafe in SF, celebrating five years at the Cal Academy!

Lamb brains-1200

More about La Tête and other meals in South Africa.

Best Outfit: the Stretch Suit

Stretch suit high kick test

More about the Stretch Suit.

Runner Up: Gaff from Blade Runner Costume

Blade Runner Gaff Outfit

More about cosplaying as Gaff.

Best Photo shoot: the Abandoned West Oakland Train Station 

Hanah and rik
Hanah and rik
Hanah and rik
Hanah and rik

 More about this epic photo shoot.

Other 2017 Highlights

Dawn Hampton Celebration

Dancing with sylvia for dawn

More about the Dawn Hampton celebration.

Learning to Make Pie, So Much Pie

Chocolate pudding pie

Chocolate pie!

Chocolate pudding pie

Spam musubi pie!

Chocolate pudding pie

Buko pie!

Chocolate pudding pie

Coconut flan pie!

Learning to Follow in Lindy Hop

Diane and rik at the switch

More about learning to follow.

Dance Jam at Lindy Focus

Lunceford special jam

More about the dance jam at Lindy Focus.

Miscellaneous Fun Pics

Ray tank

The ray tank at the California Academy of Sciences.

Chiara and Krystal - vogue warriors

Chiara and Krystal doing the choreo I created for the Shimmy Shakers routine. 

Climbing shoes  sneakers  skates and dance shoes

So many shoes, for so many activities!

Pushing out the chi
Pushing out the chi

Crushing my health goals in 2017!

Wonder woman aria and rik

Always a blast when my niece Aria and I get to play together.
Wonder woman aria and rik
Wonder woman aria and rik
Wonder woman aria and rik

Wonderful family picnic with the cousins.

Rik at Day breaker event April 29 2017

Breaking it down at Day Breaker event in Oakland.

Rik at Day breaker event April 29 2017

Twinsies with Julia in Dolores Park!
Rik at Day breaker event April 29 2017

Skyping with my mentors Eve Gaus and Barry Joseph.

Mole on the couch

My best buddy Mole Negro.

Mole on the couch

Rik with swingnation backdrop

On the set at SwingNation.

Rik with swingnation backdrop

At the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.

Rik with swingnation backdrop

Scooter life.

Rik with swingnation backdrop
Rik with swingnation backdrop
Rik with swingnation backdrop
Rik with swingnation backdrop
Rik with swingnation backdrop

Rik and miranda focus

Best Lindy Focus pic ever with my buddy Miranda.

Rik and miranda focus

Juliana is goddam fantastic as a dapper dame.

Rik with swingnation backdrop

I'm so grateful for all the blessings in my life, the wonderful people in my community, and the many gifts that I've been given. All in all, not a bad year at all. 

Here's to 2018!

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