My 2017 Year in Review: Pies, Dancing, Safaris, Pastries, and More Dancing!
Waacking Freestyle Video at Ocean Beach

The New York Times Needs to do a 360 Video of Chester Whitmore


The New York Times has been doing these wonderful 3600 videos on a variety of subjects. A recent series focused on dancers over 60, showing them dance while they talk about their philosophies of movement. Really moving and inspiring, particularly for me as an older dancer. Featured artists:

Nytimes 360 dancers

These are all really wonderful! But how cool would it be for one of these videos to focus on our own lindy hop legend and multi-disciplinary dancer Chester Whitmore? You definitely need as many dimensions as possible to experience this human / cartoon character!

Who do we need to cajole / bribe / blackmail at the New York Times to get this to happen? 


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