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Health Update: Feeling Stronger, Energetic

Body shot February 2018 crop

I'm entering 2018 feeling pretty great.

This month I relaxed my paleo-focused diet to introduce more carbs during one of my meals, which so far has not had much of any impact on anything, other than reintroducing me to the joys of sandwiches and burritos. Mmm, sandwiches.

Activity-wise, I'm climbing about three times a week, running 2-3 days, and jump-roping 2-3 days a week. My jump-rope technique is getting better -- I can typically do an entire song with only the occasional mess-up. I did 35 pull-ups this morning before I couldn't do any more. I could probably get to 40 pretty easily.

Nothing else major to report, at least until my carb experiment is done at the end of next week. I predict it won't have much of an impact and I can keep it up.

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