Frankie 95 Festival Day 5: Chazz dances for his dad, Battle of the bones, Big Apple Lindy Hoppers! We love you, Frankie!

Tonight was the final night of the Frankie 95 Birthday Festival, and what a lovely way to end an incredible five days of celebration! Here's Chazz Young, Frankie Manning's son, dancing on behalf of his dad with 95 follows. Continuing... Read more →

The Swinging-est Funeral: Celebrating the life and legacy of legendary lindy hopper Frankie Manning

Today I was fortunate enough to participate in the most swingin' funeral I have ever attended. Today, we laid Frankie Manning in his final resting place. As I entered the Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church in Harlem, I was greeted... Read more →

View Larger Map When the organizers of the Frankie Manning 95th Birthday Festival cooked up the idea of having lindy hop scenes from all over submit videos of themselves doing the Shim Sham line dance, we had no real expectations... Read more →

I've had the honor and privilege of studying under the legendary swing dancer Frankie Manning, the octogenarian ambassador for Lindy Hop. I'm super-excited to announce that Frankie Manning's long awaited autobiography is finally hitting the shelves in April. Entitled Frankie... Read more →