Pics from virtual viewing of Congressional Hearing on virtual worlds today

Interesting hearing on virtual worlds this morning in the US Congress, chaired by internet defender Rep. Ed Markey. I got to watch the hearings from a virtual "Rayburn" conference room with a bunch of press folks and Lindens. I was... Read more →

Tech Museum announces 4 virtual exhibits being rezzed into the real world Tech in San Jose!

A few months ago I blogged about how excited I was to learn that the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose had launched an open competition for new exhibits for their Second Life counterpart "The Virtual Tech". Apparently the... Read more →

Virtual Harlem: a 3d immersive homage to the Harlem Renaissance

I got a chance to explore briefly the new Virtual Harlem sim last night (teleport link), the latest in a number of New York City recreations in Second Life. The brainchild of Dr. Bryan Carter, an assistant literature professor at... Read more →

Virtual Upper East Side? Someone PLEASE re-create a COOL part of New York

I'm just dying for an authentic, interesting part of New York City to get built in Second Life. Nearly a year ago Versu Richelieu created a simulation of one of the most boring blocks in Manhattan, 39th and Fifth Avenue.... Read more →

"Baghdad Streets" virtual exhibit -- a maze of shell-shocked lives

I stopped in briefly to check out the powerful new interactive exhibit "Baghdad Streets" organized by PT Witte on Better World Island (teleport SLURL). "Baghdad Streets" is an extension of the PT's real-life-work "bringing the truth of life in the... Read more →